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Talented and sensational artist “Westside Gunn” came through with this outstanding single track titled “Jalen Rose” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong. It was officially released as the single from debut studio album, .

In this project, Westside Gunn works with Boldy James who really contributed to this music project with cool verses.

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Westside Gunn, Boldy James – Jalen Rose Lyrics

[Verse 1: Boldy James]
I've been serving fire on the hell block since I was knee-high to a water bug
Damn near pulled a hamstring, blew my knee out first time I ever caught a run
It was all or none and I was all-in with the fiends, tryna serve all of 'em
We was never into chasing clout, see my haters out and I'ma ball on 'em
.223s left the paint chipped
227, know we change shit
Niggas know the whole gang rich
Gutter lane and I don't lane switch
All blue strips, fuck a bank slip, we be game timing, but this ain't Twitch
Lil' cuddy fighting four attempts, hit the double frame on thе same switch
Dropping bags off big as Saint Nick, they say, "Bo Jack, that nigga can't miss"
Hear all thеse niggas say that they in the streets and they on gang shit but it ain't this
Slightly different plot with the same twist top
I be whipping different pots with the same wristwatch
Grinding, chillin' in the spot, had the chance to lift locks
Got custis all through Southwest, got clio calling off the East
Got clux with nine off the fent', got fido barking off the leash
Told me if I'm gon' pay for five, that mean he gon' have to leave ten
To get to know me now, had to know me then,, my idols always kingpins
GXFR, mi jefe, two way, deuce, siete
Three MetroCard with ese
You comprehend, comprende?
227, 50 Guap, I love my knot the thin way
I show you why they call me Blocks, Mutombo, Dikembe
One single session, I might burn up like six eighths of Gumbo
One fifty-five for the brick, the Dikembe Mutombo
I need that two-tone patty cake the big face with the jumbo
Cubano off the skinny Lanvins, Dikembe Mutombo

[Verse 2: Westside Gunn & Boldy James]
Ayo (What else?), we ran the whole dorm, we had hella lockers
Flying in the biddy and the helibopter
Socks Prada, belt Prada, shit, you should've shot him
Oakleys Prada, coke Prada, niggas praise Osama
Shaker with the world bezel, I'm a globetrotter
VVSs on my ankle, fuck with me, you know I got it
Porsche topless with a rocket
Cartier bagels with a locket
Smiling in the full stocking
Yeah, we got them all poppin'
Yeah, I got your whore watching
And the law, twenty bottles
Wake up, fuck two supermodels
One thick, one flocker
I had more threesomes than twosomes (Than twosomes)
Bitch fall off, I get a new one (I get a new one)
Toss the throwaway, get a new one (Get a new one)
Hundred-dollar salad with the brutons (The brutons)
Usher, my boo, that's my boo song (My boo)
Fuck your baby mamas while your jits home (While your jits home)
Fuck her from the back, high top Ricks on (Ricks on)
I was sellin' crack, I ain't care who want it (Ah)

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