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Talented and sensational artist “Westside Gunn” came through with this outstanding single track titled “House of GLORY” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong. It was officially released as the single from debut studio album, .

In this project, Westside Gunn works with Stove God Cooks who really contributed to this music project with cool verses.

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Westside Gunn, Stove God Cooks – House of GLORY Lyrics

[Chorus: Stove God Cooks]
Why you mad? (Why you mad at me?)
Broke nigga why you mad?
Chopper out the window, chopper out the window (Brrt, ba-ba, cha)

[Verse 1: Stove God Cooks]
You don't know my expenses
I gotta buy bigger plates
And bigger scales
And more bags
What you mad for?
We put them digi' numbers on the dashboard
Took her to the top from the trap floor, I'm that raw
Had the feds at the front and the backdoor

[Chorus: Stove God Cooks]
Broke nigga why you mad? (Nigga, why you mad?)
Why you mad?
Chopper out the window (Brrt, ba-ba-ba, brrt, ba)
Chopper out the window (Ah)

[Verse 2: Stove God Cooks]
Foggy glass pots and TEC beams
I'm Jesús with the recipe
I'm everything they dying to be
Half a million cash is ecstasy
Bullet holes in the Lexus, see (Brrt, ba-ba-ba)
He had some tricks up his Avirex sleeve
This shit is back for me
Reach for my necklace and see (Woo!)
One burner don't work good we still cooking
One bad brick don't stop no show, we still cookin' (Still cookin')
My Grandaddy told me you'd get back with your puddin'
My wrist say I get back way more, and I got
20 of 'em come then and they paid for
Fuck is we playin' for? You know what you payin' for
Fuck is we waitin' for?
What would I weigh em' for?
It's all good and if it ain't all good, nigga, I'm all good

[Verse 3: Westside Gunn]
Baby why you leave me
I only fucked her a hunnid times
But I love you
Ayo, It was like 1989
I seen Loewe with the AK (Ah)
He said it was the first, it was a payday
They told him peace
Seen a milli, I walk across the street
He said, "Peace, lord" (Peace, lord)
He 'bout to meet Prada for a drink
Denim Tears falling down my face
Word to Mugula (Ah)
Crack 'cause my shit that dope, they can't fuck with us
Seen Chanel 500 dollar plates, she in the county
She pulled up on Tiffany, shot out the Audi (Brrt, skrrt)
Another Palm Angel gained new wings (New wings)
Valentino down to my shoe strings (Shoe strings)
Me in Vera Wang, that's my boo thang (That's my boo thang)
She used to fuck Van Cleef
Went through, sprayed that nigga, shit, that's on me
Came through, Fendi moccasins with the big F (Ah)
Fucked her one time, put a reign on that bitch neck (Woo)
Vogue mink cover, got the Mac while I'm posing
Your third eye closed
Stupid nigga, I'm chosen
F.P.Journe 'bout as wet as the ocean (Woo)
Briefcase Goyard, snake on my loafers (Mm)
Nigga I'm culture
Down in the Air's, Gucci gloves with the poker (Ah)
[?] brunch, Sipping Mimosas
They say, "how this nigga house like the MOMA?"
Long live Virgil, got the chains on the Mona (Mm)
Long live Michelle when I come scoot over (I be)

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