Seyi Vibez’s Biography & Net Worth

Seyi Vibez

Seyi Vibez is a Nigerian singer and songwriter who gained recognition for his unique style in the Afrobeat and Afropop genres. Read more on wiki…

Early Life and Background:

, whose real name is Balogun Afolabi Oluwaloseyi, hails from Kwara State, Nigeria. He emerged on the Nigerian music scene with a distinct sound that combines catchy melodies with meaningful lyrics. Seyi Vibez's music often reflects his experiences and the realities of life.

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Musical Journey:

Seyi Vibez rose to prominence with the release of his hit singles, including “Catalyst” and “God Sent.” These tracks showcased his vocal prowess and songwriting skills, earning him a growing fan base in Nigeria and beyond. His music resonates with listeners due to its relatable themes and emotional depth.

Popular Tracks and Collaborations:

Seyi Vibez may have released new music, collaborated with other artists, or engaged in projects that could influence his popularity and financial standing.

Studio albums:

  • Vibe Till Thy Kingdom Come (2023)
  • Billion Dollars Baby (2022)
  • Thy Kingdom Come (2023)


  • No Seyi, No Vibez (2021)
  • Seyi Vibez – Shazam (2023)
  • Nahamciaga (2023)

Seyi Vibez's Career Growth and Impact:

Seyi Vibez gained popularity with his hit single “God Sent” released in 2020, which garnered significant attention and praise in Nigerian Music. His music is often characterized by soulful and meaningful lyrics, addressing various aspects of life, struggles, and aspirations.


Collaborating with other artists is a common strategy for musicians to expand their reach. Seyi Vibez may have engaged in collaborations with fellow artists, both within Nigeria and internationally.

Seyi Vibez – Social Media:

Like many contemporary artists, Seyi Vibez likely utilizes social media platforms to connect with fans, promote his music, and share updates about his career.

Seyi Vibez Record Label:

As of now, Seyi Vibez operates independently without signing with a record label. While Dvpper distributes his music, he is widely known for self-promotion, and he has two studio albums to his credit: “NSNV” and “Billion Dollar Baby.”

Awards and Accolades:

In September 2023, At the 16th Headies Award, Seyi Vibez won the Best Street-Hop Artiste with his “Chance (Na Ham)”..

Net Worth:

As a prominent figure in the African Street Pop community, Seyi Vibez has amassed significant wealth, with an estimated net worth between $250k-$500k USD from show earnings and visual media platforms.

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