Don Toliver – LoveSickness

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  • Song Name: LoveSickness
  • Artist Name: Don Toliver
  • Song Category: Hip hop
  • Album Name: Stoney
  • Released: 2020
  • Written By: Don Toliver, ,
  • produced By: Cardo, , Burn One,

On May 20, 2022, Don posted an Instagram story with the filename “5. Don – Love Sick. 1…” which likely means the title track of the album is fifth on the tracklist. The title is seventh on the Love Sick diner's menu.

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(I know you're done with me)
Where I'm at, yeah, where I'm at (Yeah)
I don't know how I'm gettin' home (How)
I been sippin' on styrofoam (Oh, yeah)
Where I'm at, yeah, where I'm at
I don't know how I'm gettin' home
I been sippin' on styrofoam

Been the shit and got big on your budget (Yeah)
Call them lawyers, I told 'em to fuck it (Fuck it)
Love sick on a bitch and I love it
Got me diamonds and chains in here rubbin'
In here sippin' that Wock with my cousin (The Wock')
My lil' baby be gushin' and bussin'
Girl, you're always into somethin'
Let me tell my story, come here
I keep spinnin' in out in circles, I get loose on here
I can see that boy and he outside the club, a loose stomach (Ah)
Poppin' them pills here back to back, I might vomit
I took the Maybach to her house, I need to stop it
Woah there boy, slow that boy
Sippin' that drink, you know that, boy (Know that)
I spent twenty in a ten, you don't know that boy
With a Glock in my pocket, you don't know that boy
Big diamond chain, you don't know that boy
He be really insane, you don't know that boy
He love his dame, you should love that boy
And she'll do anything 'cause she love that boy

I know you love me (Ah)
A wise man once said (Ah)
Falling in love
Is the one fire you don't get up from
Guess we're love sick (Ah)

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