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  • Song Name: red sky
  • Artist Name: 21 Savage
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Talented and sensational artist “21 Savage” came through with this outstanding single track titled “red sky” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong.

This classic entry was taken off 21 Savage‘s newly released studio album titled “American Dream“.

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Nevertheless, this track is an auditory masterpiece that transcends genres and defies conventional musical expectations. With its harmonious blend of captivating melodies, intricate rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrics, this track is set to leave an indelible mark on the music scene.

If you are a music lover, you will definitely find this song interesting and would like to listen and download it.

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21 Savage – red sky Lyrics

Red sky bleedin' from my eye
Tides risin' up to new highs
I turn my back to the wind
Slowly driftin' away
I hear the night sing (Welcome to your new—)
Welcome to your new—

[Verse 1]
It's fourth and inches, I'm sendin' a blitz
Live on the toilet, I stay on my shit
You say we opps, but you stay on my dick
My shooter a rapper, I sent him a hit
They be on Twitter like, “When he gon' miss?”
Say I fell off, but I fell in his bitch
Fuck yo' white flag, I ain't tellin' 'em shit
I play it cool and hand brodie the blick
Blick out yo' stu' just to show you I'm rich
Now you can't drop no more music 'cause shit
How you jump right on that song and then snitch?
Nigga, you sassy and wrong as a bitch
Say the wrong thing and get put on that list
This is a warning 'cause Savagе don't diss
Better thank me that yo' ass still еxist
‘Cause Jesus can't save you from what's in this stick
She don't look good without makeup, I'm stiff
Don't fuck with rappers 'cause most of 'em snitch
Diamonds gon' cover my neck and my fist
Watch on my leg 'cause I ran out of wrists
Draco brown like a Hershey
Hang out the window and blow 'em a kiss
Hang out the window and wave at his bitch
Gun smoke, I take it far when I'm pissed
Under cover of the darkness (Red sky bleedin')
Sunlight moves, awakening (Red sky bleedin')
One that stares while one's asleep (Red sky bleedin')
Before that's done, it's waking

[Verse 2]
Don't give a fuck, I'ma rock with my twin
Niggas freeze up when it's time to go spin
Speak on the dead, then we boxin' you in
Send you to heaven, they kill you again
We killed his buddy, he buckin' again
If they revive 'em, we bust him again
Pistol so big, ain't no tuckin' it in
I got in trouble for tellin' on friends
Rip out your tongue if you talkin' too much
You gon' get chopped out talkin' to us
Bullet-proof truck 'cause I know they could touch me
Bury the K and it still shoot rusty
Fuck my opps, niggas broke and they musty
All my exes still wanna fuck me
Eliantte on me, this is not lucky
Fry me a nigga like I'm from Kentucky
Remember when pops used to front me
When I see rappers, I do not see rappers, my nigga, I really see lunch meat
Three-hundred black on the seat and the Glock on my hip, ain't no way you could punch me
You ain't really gang, you a flunkie
Send your ass to the store like you auntie, pussy
Under cover of the darkness (Red sky bleedin')
Sunlight moves, awakening (Red sky bleedin')
One that stares while one's asleep (Red sky bleedin')
Before that's done, it's waking

This is really happening
Is this is really happening?

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