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  • Song Name: Take Care
  • Artist Name: Toosii
  • Album:
  • Song Category: Latest Music
  • Released: 2023
  • File format: Mp3/128kbps

Talented and sensational artist “Toosii” came through with this outstanding single track titled “Take Care” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong. Take Care was released in the year 2023 as one of Toosii's best track of the year.

Moreover, this classic entry was taken off Toosii‘s newly released studio album titled “NAUJOUR“.

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Toosii – Take Care Lyrics

I'll take care of you if
If you want me to, I'll
I'll take care of you if
If you want me to, I'll
Always waiting for yo' love
Oh, this what that Stella Rosa do?
This what havin' no hoes do?
This what workin' them long nights on pro-tools do?

I used to be broke and I remember, it was like December
Jordans and them Timberlands, it was hard to get a friend
Now, I count the dividends, put racks in my pockets
Just to look down, see them shits poke out like arms out a socket
Could get my girlfriend a girlfriend, know I like when the girls win
Gotta let the girls in, it's better when pretty girls sing
At least from what I'm told, now, I'm gettin' old
And it feel better talkin' 'bout my problems then fuckin' out your soul
Don't need no rebuttal, girl, just listen what you told
Don't be bold, if the **** get you, you better not fold
You hotter than the summers day, but somehow, your heart cold
And tell them girls that's in your business, tell them bitches, "Touch they nose"
Tell them bitches, "Touch they nose," you know how the story goes
I don't [?] hoes, I'll buy you designer clothes
Call you when I'm with the bros, call you when I leave my shows
I'm just tryna take it slow, don't nobody need to know
'Cause if you leave me, it's easier that way
That way, I can say that it's not me that's in your way
And it's not easy to stay, you take care of me and I need you that way, that way

I'll take care of you if
If you want me to, I'll
I'll take care of you if
If you want me to, I'll
I'll take care of you if
If you want me to, I'll
Always waiting for yo' love

Huh, oh, this Stella Rosa, right?
You just a bitch-ass nigga, huh
Pretty girls love Toosii
By the time I'm done with you, they not gon' fuck with you, nigga
I'm a problem, that's exactly why you can' get nobody else
'Cause I'm stoppin' that shit, 'cause you fucked up my life, nigga
You fucked up my shit
You begged for me, I gave you a second chance, hm
And you think you gon' waltz away like this?
Yeah, nigga, try again, it's a new sheriff in town

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