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  • Song Name: Open Arms
  • Artist Name: SZA
  • Featuring: Travis Scott
  • Song Category: Latest Music
  • File format: Mp3/128kbps

Talented and sensational artist “SZA” came through with this outstanding single track titled “Open Arms ” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong.

After the release of Open Arms , It serves as on of SZA's hit track of the year.

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In this project, SZA works with Travis Scott who really contributed to this music project with cool verses.

Moreover, SZA has meticulously crafted each note and lyrics, ensuring that every second of this new music project is a sonic delight. From the ear-catching guitar riffs to the soul-stirring vocal performance, every element of the song has been carefully curated to evoke a profound emotional connection with the audience. The song's production quality is top-notch, guaranteeing an immersive listening experience.

Nevertheless, If you are a music lover, you will definitely find this song interesting and would like to listen and download it.

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SZA – Open Arms Ft. Travis Scott Lyrics

When you do your best you ca—, I done told you
When you do your best, hell, that's all you can do
You and me and anybody else
So they always start talkin'

[Verse 1: SZA]
I'm runnin' away from where I'm from
Never can stay with no one
Lovin' you almost feels like somethin'
When no one's around me
You lost and found me
I was surrounded
With open, open, open

[Chorus: SZA & Travis Scott]
Open arms (Ooh), open arms
You give me open, I'm so devoted
You keep me open (Ooh), open arms
I'm so devoted to you, to you, to you

[Verse 2: SZA]
Spent your life bein' hopeless
Chokin' on insecurity
I know, oh, this is bad
But, please, put a leash on me anyway
Who needs self-esteem anyway?
I hate myself to make you stay
Push me away, I'll be right here (Here)
With open, open, open

[Chorus: SZA & Travis Scott]
Open arms (Ooh), open arms
You give me open, I'm so devoted
You keep me open (Ooh), open arms
I'm so devoted to you, to you, to you

[Verse 3: Travis Scott]
No matter what come between us, yeah, I decided (Ayy)
I'm forever ridin' (Ride), you're forever guidin' (Ayy)
Pull up on an opp, hit his curve up, slidin' (Brr)
Notice when you mad, ain't no words, just silence (Ooh)
You my favorite color, now you seein' every shade of me
You say that I'm trippin', I hit back like, “Where you takin' me?”
Locked in for life, on God, no replacin' me
Consequences, repercussions, karma keep on changin' me (Ooh yeah)
For you I trust, face card, valid ID (Ooh)
C'est la vie, go to Paris, it ain't five-star, it ain't me
Over-solid, keep it concrete (Ahh), I'ma bet it on your whole fee
Just don't switch sides, I could buy a piece, your wrist AP (Ahh)
Through the ups and downs and all the heat
Take a turn and tell you what it be
Backshots make you feel relief, anythin', just don't you ever leave

[Outro: SZA & Travis Scott]
I guess I gotta go (Ooh)
I guess it's time to go
I gotta let you go
(I'm so devoted)
You keep me open (Ooh)
Gotta let you go, gotta let you go
I gotta let you go, I must
You the only one that's holdin' me down (Ooh)
Only one holdin' me down (Ooh, only one)
‘Cause you the only one that's holdin' me down

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