Larry June & The Alchemist – Turkish Cotton

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  • Song Name: Turkish Cotton
  • Artist Name: Larry June & The Alchemist
  • Song Category: Hip hop
  • Released: 2023

Talented and sensational artist “Larry June & The Alchemist ” came through with this outstanding single track titled “Turkish Cotton” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong.

This song serves as one of the track in his recently released album titled The Great Escape and we make it available for free mp3 download.

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Larry June & The Alchemist – Turkish Cotton Lyrics

Right, duh, uh
Yeah, ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy-ayy

[Verse 1]
Man, deviated leather in this 911
Been [?], copping a wind breaker
Details, spent five hunnid' for the sun shaker
Las Vegas, at the crap table bettin' [?]
Courtside, [?], am I a [?]
So many whips I cannot decide, check it out
Do a couple numbers in the morning then I'm smashing out
Having more money than we having [?], what's the drop? Keep it going
Streets saying I'm the coldest out
Press a little button [?] park yourself, add me up
[?] a couple hustlers on the side, [?]
Can't put your eggs all in just one, you hear me?
Yeah you got one but not this one, you hear me?
This about 60 Gs different, she hear me
I don't think you heard what I said

[?] the kids, baby
Now I got a [?] to match
But when I come back, please
Have a nigga [?]

[Verse 2]
James Bond coupe with the ceramic brakes
Out the way, eating on these crumpets, but it's sad to say
Niggas hate, got six bags just to keep it safe
Made this shit happen by myself, I ain't asked for favors
Thinking 'bout Seattle, I just might go out and golf with Jay
You niggas be weak for these hoes, I be out the way
Don P, I done made for Sean T
I done cashed out for the ‘Rari, nigga [?]
Not flexing, just showing niggas that you [can-ny?]
Nigga, I was just [?] broke in 2017
Merchandise, my nigga, you gotta keep the merchandise
Work it right, get it to the people, [?]
Start a corporation and bet on yourself every time
Put 'em on payroll, make sure your tax is right

Start a corporation and bet on yourself every time
Put 'em on payroll, make sure your tax is right
Make sure you tax is right, nah (Ayy-ayy)
Alchemist, what's happening? (Good job)

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