Big Scarr – Toe Tag feat. Key Glock

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  • Song Name: Toe Tag
  • Artist Name:  feat. Key Glock
  • Song Category: Hip hop
  • Released: 2023
  • Album Name: The Secret Weapon

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[Intro: Big Scarr]
(Squat made the beat)
(Go Grizz)
Let's go
Those my boys Kutta and Grizz on this motherfucker, I'm finna fuck 'em
(Kutta, cut that shit up, man)
[Verse 1: Big Scarr]
Pack a heat, but now cousin be sinnin'
Swervin' in traffic, all guns automatic
Just let an opp slide, I'ma shoot out the window
Gangster lil' bitch, she put in the blender
Then after that, I go buy her a vender
Heard the boy died for the pussy, he tempted
I bend to go get her, I used to sell bags out a rental (Toe tag)
He talkin' too much, had to kill him (Wockhardt)
Exotic my cup and my liver
Bitch, I'm the man on my side like I'm Flippa
I walk in the mall with them racks in my denim
Had to stop poppin' them bars, I was goin' too hard, poppin' Addy to boost up my mental
Gotta get high, too much on my mental
I'm everywhere with that fire like a candle
Youngins on go, they gon' play when I send 'em
Double back, spin again, make sure they get it
My bitch, she bad, ain't nothin' like Kylie Jenner
I hop on the beat, walk it down with a will
This rappin' shit easy, I make it look simple
I was born in this shit, so I'm not a beginner
Pray to the Lord 'cause I know I'm a sinner
Hop out with four choppers like we ridin' Sprinter
Now I'm back on the road, on the Sprinter with killer
We poppin' Percs back-to-back like they Skittles
Not at my opp 'cause he laid down in pillow
I ain't signin', no, burnin' this fire, I might zip (Toe tag)

[Verse 2: Key Glock]
Yeah, Glizock the name and I know you remember (Yeah)
Tool on my side just like Bob the Builder
Uh, hop on the beat and I float like a river (Shh)
Reach for these rocks, you get popped like a jigga (Bah)
Put a hole in his face like a dental (Uh)
Middle fingers up, yeah, to the system (Fuck 'em)
If you don't know me, just call me Mr. (Glock)
Blue diamonds, it look like a blitz (Uh)
I'ma slice, you know I been official (Yeah)
Blow the pistol just like it's a whistle (Phew)
Pull that nina out and let you kiss it (Mwah)
I get money, it helps my mental
Twelve whips to slide in the winter
Same nigga on that North, Insta' (Wow)
Two-tone FN came with missile (Wow, bah)
Still gangbangin' with these millions (Bah)
Yellow diamonds on me goin' crazy like Yao Ming
They call me Glock and I make you feel it (Bah)
Chillin' with Scarr, tryna make another million
I'm rich as fuck, still toe tag niggas

[Outro: Key Glock]
On God
You dig?

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