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Talented and sensational artist “A$AP Twelvyy” came through with this outstanding single track titled “Jus Lef Harlem” which is obtainable for free and Fast Mp3 download here at Nobadsong.

After the release of Jus Lef Harlem, It serves as on of A$AP Twelvyy's hit track of the year.

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Moreover, this classic entry was taken off A$AP Twelvyy‘s newly released studio album titled “Kid$ Gotta Eat“.

If you are a music lover, you will definitely find this song interesting and would like to listen and download it.

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A$AP Twelvyy – Jus Lef Harlem Lyrics

Thank you
Tonight I wanna talk about two things
Yo, yo, yo, yo

I took a moment to myself, I hit the beach today
I wrote my verses in the sand, they couldn't see the wave
Dollar menu with a diva eatin' fish filets
Ugly ducklin' had me Insecure like Issa Rae
Kept it player, Dolla Bill, need a Lisa Raye
Standin' on respect, I feel like Geda K
Everyday we facin' wars, I need a green beret
Iconic down the block from where the Rangers skate
Gettin' chubby, hit Miami where the gangsters stay
Corvette with pinstripes, it's the Yankee way (Swerve)
I feel like Cooper Kupp when I hit LA
Used to eat my Wheaties with my weapon on me
It's a small huddle, ain't no extra homies
My nana was a preacher, ain't no hexes on me
I made diamonds outta dust, I lift the pressure off me

Yeah, yeah
Life is precious homies
I said gwalla, it's magic
What is pressure? I done seen it all
I ain't break, I ain't bent, I ain't fold, I ain't do no funny shit
Stuck to it, yo

I'm like never was I timid, never needed gimmicks
New York City frigid, ain't no food in them fridges
One class away from Special Ed, a trial away from prison
A stop away from blood shed, a block away from Crippin
Swear them Xans had me trippin'
Blackin' out on work days, I'm missin' out on chicken
Static at the gauchos, I brought it to the scrimmage
They was playin' victim, survival of the fittest (Hello?)
I was watchin' robberies, started off gunnin', ended up bossin'
Used to double dutch, now she out here double crossin'
Sold the devil dust, seen my homies in the coffin
I ain't seen him much, I heard he caught a bid in Boston
I bought a knocka for my flocka, it'll Waka Flocka Flame
He was slidin' on the Metro, heard they shot him on the train
Uncle tyin' up his veins, shawty tyin' up her tubes
They ain't never left the block and they dyin' for it too
And they dyin' for it too

I feel like the livin' proof
I always strive and prosper for the day
For the day [?]
[?] always strive and prosper
I look into the sky [?], look
Always alignin' stars and playin' for days
When I had [?], put [?] in my bag [?]
The pressure [?]
[?] gave you, free them
I put that pain in everytime
Kids gotta eat

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